Mythos Framework

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Jeder kennt es, viele haben es bestimmt schon eines verwendet, wenige haben schon eines erstellt.

Die die schon mal eines erstellt haben, sollte bemerkt haben, dass es nicht immer so funktioniert wie es soll. Und nach Jahren der Entwicklung es eh nicht verwendet wird.

Diese Problematik und noch mehr hat Mike Mooney zusammengefasst und spricht mir aus der Seele:

The Framework Myth

Over the course of several years, inevitably a set of common problems arose. Writing data access code was repetitive and error-prone. Many teams were sharing the same database but using different code, so there were inconsistencies in how similar business data was treated. Each application’s log files where all over the place, and each had their own approach for error handling. Some teams would go off on their own and unnecessarily reinvent the wheel. Moving a developer from one team to another required as much ramp-up time as a new hire. Each team used a different build and versioning strategy, with the most common strategy being “none.” Setting up a test environment with multiple applications took days. Recreating the production environment was virtually impossible. Chaos. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria.