Es muss nicht immer Flash sein

Kommentieren Aug 13 2010 .txt, .json, .md

Flash hat ja in der vergangenen Zeit viel auf die Mütze bekommen.

Nun geht es noch weiter, denn mit HTML 5 und CSS 3 kann man schon Dinge erstellen, die man bisher mit Flash gemacht hat.

z.B ein Kleines Spielchen Anigma:

We often use Flash (or Silverlight) for rich and interactive web-based video games. This CSS3 demonstration is a puzzle game and a proof-of-concept of how we can use open standards to create games - though admittedly, not as facile as Flash yet if you compare it to Flash games on sites like Kongregate. HTML5’s element was used to embed the sound.

oder auch einen Music Player:

With HTML5’s <audio> and <video> APIs, which will enable us to utilize multimedia without dependence from proprietary plugins, we’ll eventually have a need for GUIs that provide our users with controls for the media we serve them. Though we could use static images in conjunction with other HTML elements (such as buttons) to build these interfaces, using just HTML and CSS to render media controls mean we’ll have a more malleable solution.

Noch mehr gibt es hier: 10 Interesting CSS3 Experiments and Demos