Bibliotheca 1.6


Kommentieren Feb 03 2024 .txt, .json, .md

Update to Bibliotheca.

It is a self hosted collection management tool. You can manage different types of collections and as many as you want. It comes with a default set of fields which define your collection entries.

Some features:


Each release has its own file in the upgrade folder. Basic flow would be to extract the new release and copy over the following files and directories:


and follow the upgrade file(s). After the first launch, visit /index.php?p=managesystem and check if there any further changes to be done.

In those files there are the steps needed to make an upgrade. If you upgrade multiple versions make sure to read all the files in the correct order. Within the upgrade files itself there is an order. Make sure to follow.

Why no automatic updates

Doing so, the process serving the application needs write access to the files. Which can be a security risk. Providing write access only to storage or temporary files and not the application files itself, it is more secure (there is no complete security). The downside are manual updates.


1.6 - Chizra 2024-02-03
    * Config change. Added new entries. See upgrade/from-version-1.5.txt. It won't work if it is missing.
    * Config change: Added new theme config. See upgrade/from-version-1.5.txt. It won't work if it is missing.
    * Added: A new entry field for better global search. Read upgrade/from-version-1.5.txt for more details.
    * Added: #6 Feature: Duplicate search
      This is a very limited like search based on the title field. Needs improvement and better search data.
    * Licence change to GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007
    * Fixed: #21 Debug? string in error log
    * Fixed: #22 98 theme. Attachment selection checkbox are not all selectable
    * Fixed: #26 98 theme. max column with
    * Fixed: #25 98 design. Sort direction select does not show the correct selected option
    * Fixed: #23 basic search result order
    * Fixed: Bulkedit in 98 theme and default
    * Fixed: #24 Image upload. Automatic resize?
    * Updated: PHP-IMDB-Grabber to
      with some heavy modifications.
    * Cleanups
    * Cleaned upgrade files


Download: 1.6 - Chizra 2023-05-01, Checksum sha1

Further information

More information about bibliotheca can be found here.

Want to contribute? Project also on Github as a mirror.