Collection management of your movies, games or music.

Bibliotheca - latin for Library

It is still in development and some features are missing. Use at own risk for now. Feedback is welcome.

Want to contribute? Project also on Github as a mirror.


It is a self hosted collection management tool. You can manage different types of collections and as many as you want. It comes with a default set of fields which define your collection entries.

News and updates

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Lastest documentation can be found in each release and here



Unpack the archive in a temp folder. Follow the steps. After you can delete the unpacked files

DB Setup
Create a DB and choose a prefix (A _ is added automatically as separation) for your tables. Open the provided sql file. Search for #REPLACEME# and replace it with your table prefix. Save. Import this file into you newly created DB.

Copy webclient/config/database.php.default to webclient/config/database.php Edit and fill in the DB details. Copy webclient/config/path.php.default to webclient/config/path.php Edit the file. Minimum is to change PATH_ABSOLUTE to you installation path and PATH_WEB_STORAGE relative to your webroot. If you change the other settings you need to change the folders too. Copy webclient/config/system.php.default to webclient/config/system.php No need to change anything unless you know what and why.

Move files
Move the content of webclient folder to your webspace. Make sure the location matches the PATH_ABSOLUTE config in path.php file

File rights
Make sure that systemout folder is read/write accessible with your webserver user. Recursive. Make sure that storage folder is read/write accessible with your webserver user. Recursive.

Open your browser and visit your newly created bibliotheca installation. Default admin user pw: test

First steps
Login with default admin account and change the password! Create your own user. Create your first collection.


This project is using the Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0


1.0 - Castle - 20210106
	* First usable version
	* Using as a collection management software will work
	* Rights management needs tweeking, so use the admin account for a start
	* Documentation covers the basics
	* Use it and give feedback.
	* Also, make backups.