Bibliotheca 1.3

Rrajigar Mine

Kommentieren Oct 08 2022 .txt, .json, .md

Update to bibliotheca.

Want to contribute? Project also on Github as a mirror.

It is a self hosted collection management tool. You can manage different types of collections and as many as you want. It comes with a default set of fields which define your collection entries.

Some features:

1.3 - Rrajigar Mine 2022-10-08
	* Fixed install sql file.
	* New field: artists - lookupmultiple field
	* Added setup process. See setup/install.txt for more details
	* Stats info page
	* Some more PHP 8 syntax and support
	* Needs PHP 8 as of this version
	* Tow new fields to choose from. ISBN and Artists

Download: 1.3 - Rrajigar Mine 2022-10-08, Checksum md5, sha1

More information about bibliotheca can be found here.