Bibliotheca 1.1

Vortex Rikers

Kommentieren May 30 2021 .txt, .json, .md

Major update to bibliotheca.

Want to contribute? Project also on Github as a mirror.

It is a self hosted collection management tool. You can manage different types of collections and as many as you want. It comes with a default set of fields which define your collection entries.

Some features:

1.1 - Vortex Rikers 20210530
	* Cleanup and merge to one config file. Read upgrade
	* Missing changelog file
	* api has its own log file now.
	* User profile for editing own settings.
	* Collection management has the option to update entry rights with the
		collection ones.
	* Entry rights can now be managed. More info about user and rights can
		be found in documentation.
	* User management: Honor rights from current logged in user
	* Group management now available. But no relation check yet.
	* User management: Additional groups
	* Page title available
	* Deletion of a collection removes the storage too
	* IMDB Tool. Order of save to field now A-Z
	* Documentation for tools
	* Documentation for tool imdbweb grabber. Default config added.
	* Fixed bug #3
	* Added feature #2. There is now a new definition which defines the default
		targets of the imdb grabber values. See the config-imdbweb.php.default
		for more details
	* Added sort filter. Collection has a default sort field config now.
		Sort fields are the simple fields. See fields documentation.
	* Fields do have a new inputValidation option. See fields documentation for more info.
		Currently used to allow whitespace in a tag
	* Mass edit of entries. Entries found with advanced search can now be editied.
		Upload fields are not supported yet.
	* Fixed bug #5
	* Added feature #1. Collections overview has pagination at the bottom too.
	* Advanced search has a table view option
		Displayed fields are configured in collection management. See notes there.
	* Updated installtion files
	* Added first-steps.txt. Updated README
	* Indication wich inputs are required
	* Added a new field: Localized title
	* After adding an entry the option to view or edit the entry is now available
	* Added game info tool.
	* Added new fields for a game collection
	* input and textarea do have a maxlength now. JS used to display the remaining chars

Download: 1.1 - Vortex Rikers - 20210530, Checksum md5, sha1

More information about bibliotheca can be found here.