selfpaste 1.1

Update release

Kommentieren May 30 2020 .txt, .json, .md

A updated version of selfpaste has been build.

It includes 3 new clients which can be used to work with your selfpaste installation. Two linux variants, one bash and one in C and one for windows, also written in C. selfpaste itself recieved some small code cleanups and improvements. Overall the main difference from 1.0 are the clients.

This is one of my 24h ideas/projects. Other, ones

A self hosted small paste server like dpaste, bpaste or pastebin. It is not the aim to replace any other well know paste service. It is an experiment and build for private use only.

20200530 version 1.1 Boron
* House cleaning
* Added a simple web client
* Cleaned up the linux client written in c. See README for more details
* Added a windows C client based on the linux version. See README for more details

Download it here: 1.1 - Boron - (2020-05-30), Checksum md5, sha1

More information about selfpaste can be found here.