Insipid 2.4

Seven Portals

Kommentieren Feb 16 2020 .txt, .json, .md

I’m happy to announce the release of Insipid 2.4 Seven Portals.

Upgrade notes

## version 2.4 - Seven Portals (2020-02-16)

+ Run (after authentication) at /index.php?p=stats the "Search index update"
to make the search work again correctly. At success, there is no confirmation.
To validate you can now search for single words case-insensitive.

+ Update config file with two new settings. See config.default for more info
define('EMAIL_JOB_PROTECT', false);

+ All files in webroot/asset/js/ EXCEPT the new editlink.js can be removed


version 2.4 - Seven Portals (2020-02-16)

    + Now including update instructions
    + DB export only insipid tables and not the whole DB itself.
    + Simple xml export and import
    + #2 Protection if the email-import.php file if it needs to be
        in a web accessible folder
    + Fixed the search for words. See update instructions how to correct your data
    + Removed JS and replaced it with plain old working JS
    + Dropped IE support. Edge still working.

Download it here: 2.4 - Seven Portals - (2020-02-16), Checksum md5, sha1

More information about Insipid can be found here.