Insipid is a web-based bookmark manager.

This is a heavily modified version of insipid createted by Luke Reeves.


Insipid is a self hosted web-based bookmark manager similar to the Delicious service.

It lets you manage and host your own bookmarks. No talking to other servervices or agencies. Your data is your data.

Desktop view
Insipid desktop view

News and updates

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Documentation files can be found here


A small overview of the main features and some screenshots



version 2.8.2 - Dragon Chapel (2023-09-14)

    + Added LOGFILE and QUERY_DEBUG const to config.php. See update.txt for more details
    + Updated DB table charsets. Needs manual DB updates. See update.txt file.
    + Fixed URL handling at creation
    + Improved DB queries.
    + Add top 5 tag or category relation stats in the tag and category overview
    + Updated license to GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007
    + Updated error logging and try/catch for mysql
    + Updated from to since develop
      resumed. Version mysqldump-php v2.11
    + Updated to 1.7.0

version 2.8.1 - Deathwind Chapel (2022-12-31)

	+ Bugfix release
	+ Moved debug setting into config
	+ Updated shellcommand class and added the link to the github repo
	+ Fixed/Updated the creation of the webpage thumbnail using google pagespeed insights api
	+ Fixed search index update
	+ Fixed missing lang property
	+ Fixed xml ex- and import
	+ Fixed pagination and sort options in all links view
	+ Mysql dump replaced with
	+ Updated PHPMailer
	+ Removed WKHTMLTOPDF_USE and WKHTMLTOPDF_COMMAND from config. No support for a whole page screenshot yet.

version 2.8 - Wastelands (2022-12-10)

	+ Fixed documentation
	+ Fixed some PHP 8 defaults
	+ Fixed #17

version 2.7 - Sacred Grove (2022-06-12)

	+ Fixed bug #12. Missing translation key
	+ Adapted some new PHP code formatting
	+ Fixed some translations
	+ Updated bulma css
	+ Added random link page
	+ New syntax in config file. See update.txt for more details
	+ Fixed #13
	+ Fixed #15
	+ Fixed #14
	+ Fixed some small email importer notices and warnings

version 2.6 - Hypostyle (2021-03-21)

    + Fixed sql problems with Maria DB. Any_value is not supported there
    + Fixed some query and data loading brain fucks..
    + Fixed #10. URL is now considered when building search information.
        Update search index from stats view to update all the exiting information
    + Updated third party information in readme
    + Fixed xml import xsd
    + Added translation support. More information in translation.txt

version 2.5.2 - Darkmere (2020-09-12)

    + Fixed bug #8 It is possible to add empty tags and categories.
        Special chars check done on server side. JS has problems with unicode.
    + Fixed bug #7 Edit categories/tags. Rename and move
    + Fixed feature #3 Reduce whitespace in frontend

version 2.5.1 - Caves of Circe (2020-03-22)
    + Bugfix release

version 2.5 - Winnowing Hall (2020-03-21)

    + Added a thumbnail by talking to Google page speed API
      Planned was a full page snapshot, but only got the thumbnail.
      Needs some more work with headless chrome.
    + Instead you can now decide to make a full page screenshot
      using wkhtmltoimage. See documentation about it.
    + Improved documentation

version 2.4 - Seven Portals (2020-02-16)

    + Now including update instructions
    + DB export only insipid tables and not the whole DB itself.
    + Simple xml export and import
    + #2 Protection if the email-import.php file if it needs to be
        in a web accessible folder
    + Fixed the search for words. See update instructions how to correct your data
    + Removed JS and replaced it with plain old working JS
    + Dropped IE support. Edge still working.

version 2.3 - Guardian of Steel (2019-12-30)

    + Improved documentation
    + Delete single local storage of a link
    ++ Done by uncheck the store image locally option
    + Sorting in category overview
    + Sorting in tag overview
    + Simple complete DB dump as download as backup solution
    + Fixed a bug in tag selection SQL query

version 2.2 - Guardian of Ice - (2019-02-27)

    + email import
    + using mysql transactions if needed
    + pagination
    + authentication with an extra url now (index.php?m=auth)
    + management actions shown only if authenticated
    + small stats overview
    + links can now be deleted
    + awaiting moderation links can new be moderated
    + clean up the local storage via stats page (if authenticated)
    + Updated documentation
    + INFO, WARN and ERROR now in the log files used for messages
    + stats, storage usage. With stats and valid auth display moderation
    + email import auto reply check
    + flush local storage of images
    + Fixed an error in create sql file
    + Fixed info when a tag or category has no links
    + Fixed code cleanups
    + Fixed access to log files directory
    + Fixed check for duplicates in email importer

version 2.1alpha - Guardian of Fire - (2019-09-29)

    + cleanups
    + edit area for a bookmark
    + documentation and sql setup cleanup
    + new design with bulma.css (
    + added SEO information to "prevent" crawling and a robots.txt file
    + new option to restrict access via http basic auth.
    + very simple user authentication based on http basic auth.
        Needs improvement in further releases
    + using mysql transactions
    + working with new MySQL (5.7) version
    + Image from parsed link info can now be stored

version 2.0alpha - Bright Crucible - (2017-01-05)

    + This is a not prodction ready version of the complete rewrite.
    + It is now written in PHP based on the idea from Luke Reeves

version 1.5 (30 Nov. 2012)

    + support phantomjs as a screenshot tool for a bookmark
    + code updates and cleanup

version 1.1 (20 Feb. 2012)

    + older and newer link at the top no working
    + bug with path to the jquery.js file
    + some statistics
    + options can be ordered now
    + tool to check the bookmarks

version 1.0 (15. Feb 2012)

    + jumpin.banana
    + tag suggest was not working correctly.
    + tag rename feature implemented
    + tag rename case sensitive problem
    + add bookmark only if url and title are not empty
    + tag delete is available now. It moves the selected bookmarks
        to another one
    + bookmarks without a tag can be selected now
    + Fix the text/html content type going that's snapshotted
        This is not needed. Since we use the charset info
        to determine utf, we need this information
    + Insert SQL more save now

Tue Jul 14 21:38 EST 2009  Luke Reeve   <>

    + Fix the option "proxy_host" not being saved correctly.

Sun Jul 12 11:00 EST 2009  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Fixed the Perl 5.10 module reloading bug.
    + Fixed snapshotting functionality

Sat Jul 11 23:30 EST 2009  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Dusted off the codebase, kicked the tires and finally
      finished off the git migration.

Mon Mar 27 18:59 EST 2006  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Added an option for disabling mod_rewrite support
    + Added a prefix option for database tables

Tue Mar 21 19:34 EST 2006  Luke Reeves	<>

    + Fix the export system

Tue Feb 21 12:30 EST 2006  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Fix up database connectivity for newer PostgreSQL
    + Incorporate patch from Paul Boin that allows importing
      of regular backups (as opposed to only
      supporting exports as before)

Mon Nov 21 12:41 EST 2005  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Fixed some of the cleanup process for snapshot deletion
    + Added a "Fetch Related" function, so that the snapshot
      tool can grab related objects
    + Work on the tag tools - delete and rename tags

Fri Nov 04 09:00 EST 2005  Luke Reeves	<>

    + Database fix (thanks to Jutta Horstmann)
    + Remove export and import to server-side files, since the
      standalone tools can easily accomplish that

Fri Sep 23 07:35 EST 2005  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Enable taint mode for all the modules/scripts.

Thu Sep 22 12:15 EST 2005  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Remove dependency on App::Config, since all it does is
      read a simple text file.
    + Remove dependency on CGI::Session in lieu of a built-in
      session management system
    + Fixed up database tables

Mon Sep 19 20:37 EST 2005  Luke Reeves	<>

    + Add the ability to drill-down into more details on cached
    + Fix up the standalone import and export tools.
    + Show the correct total size of snapshots in the snapshot

Fri Sep 16 21:02 EST 2005  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Move tools to a separate directory
    + Add a standalone export script.
    + Fix bugs in the export concerning character encoding.

Fri Sep 16 12:30 EST 2005  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Fix a couple possible installation issues on PostgreSQL

Mon Sep 05 22:28 EST 2005  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Major code cleanup (splitting the main CGI file into multiple,
      more maintainable ones inside of the lib/Insipid directory)
    + Bugfix for adding duplicate items not being flagged as such

Tue Aug 09 22:05 EST 2005  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Added proxy support for fetching pages
    + Fix blob size for MySQL tables
    + Added a toggle to not redirect when a mark is added
    + Added a toggle to snapshot a page when bookmarked
    + Support passing the Referer header when snapshotting a page.
    + Added support for If-Modified-Since requests to cached objects.
    + Added a Last-Modified header for cache objects.

Thu Jul 21 21:35 EST 2005  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Fix a bunch of errors concerning PostgreSQL and the snapshots,
      as well as other bug fixes.

Sun Jul 17 15:19 EST 2005  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Added the page cache feature, so a user can take snapshots of pages
      that have been bookmarked.

Tue Jul 05 21:58 EST 2005  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Added addition of tags (like Documentation + Java) to get
      intersections of bookmarks.

Fri May 27 11:05 JST 2005  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Added postgresql backend support (submitted by Stephen Patterson)

Mon Apr 25 21:00 EST 2005  Luke Reeves  <>

    + Add a search box, with the option of showing it to non-logged in