Insipid 2.3

Second public release after complete rewrite

Kommentieren Dec 30 2019 .txt, .json, .md

I’m happy to announce the second public release of Insipid after a complete rewrite.

After a long time a complete rewrite of Luke Reeves software, the product is finally ready to be used in production. It has still some work to be done. So read the documentation carefully and report any feedback. Contact details

version 2.3 - Guardian of Steel (2019-12-30)

    + Improved documentation
    + Delete single local storage of a link
    ++ Done by uncheck the store image locally option
    + Sorting in category overview
    + Sorting in tag overview
    + Simple complete DB dump as download as backup solution
    + Fixed a bug in tag selection SQL query

Download it here: 2.3 - Guardian of Steel - (2019-12-30), Checksum md5, sha1

More information about Insipid can be found here.