Meinungsfreiheit. Ist das wirklich so leicht?

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The Yale Problem Begins in High School

(…) After the first dozen questions I noticed that not a single questioner was male. I began to search the sea of hands asking to be called on and I did find one boy, who asked a question that indicated that he too was critical of my talk. But other than him, the 200 or so boys in the audience sat silently. (…)

(…)You might think that this is some sort of justice — white males have enjoyed positions of privilege for centuries, and now they are getting a taste of their own medicine. But these are children. (…)

Jeder ist ein Individuum. Wie man aber wird hängt sehr stark von der Sozialen Umwelt ab. Man sollte öfters mal Out-Of-The-Box denken und an die frische Luft gehen. Dann würden wir sehen was wir mit unsere Mitmenschen anstellen.