Webdeveloper Tipps für eine besser Website

Kommentieren Nov 16 2009 .txt, .json, .md

Man kann Dinge einfach oder kompliziert machen.

Leider kann das einfach auch manchmal lange dauern. Damit das nicht zu lange wird, hier ein paar Hinweise:

One of the biggest advantages of online media over print is the ability to change, update, and enhance online media at virtually anytime, with virtually no negative side effects. In fact, if a website or web application does not continually offer its users an ever-evolving and growing experience, that site or application would soon become insecure, unusable, and out of date.

Have you beautified your code, validated your markup, and made your XHTML more semantic? Have you implemented basic SEO best practices, spell-checked content, and removed legacy code? Have you ensured JavaScript is unobtrusive, applied the principle of graceful degradation, and minimized the use of Flash? If you’ve done all those things (and possibly more), what comes next? Are there things you can do to improve your site’s overall effectiveness beyond those?

Website Maintenance Tips for Front-End Developers