Was macht denn dein Server ?

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Viele haben einen aber die wenigsten wissen das der denn so macht. Wirft irgendwas Fehler, oder ist der Server zu arg ausgelastet oder macht die Festplatte Fehler ?

Damit man nun über so was bescheid weiß, gibt es hier tolle Programme:

When you have a website or a network, it’s helpful to be aware of any issues as soon as they occur. There are open source and freeware server/network monitoring tools that will supervise your infrastructure for any issues that may arise. These tools are meant to aid you in avoiding being taken offline and evaluating if your resource needs has outgrown your infrastructure.

In this article, we review our top 10 server/network monitoring tools. You will see a variety of server applications here so that you might find the tool (or tools) for your needs.

10 Free Server & Network Monitoring Tools that Kick Ass