Git und SVN (die x. ?)

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Ich habe hin und wieder mal was über Git und SVN geschrieben.

Nun bin ich durch zufall auf einen ausführlichen aber langen Artikel gestolpert.

One of the first thing one sets up when starting a software startup is a version control system, and when we started Vakow! we decided to use SVN because we gained lots of experience with SVN in previous work environment, is free, and more importantly, the cheapest dreamhost account allowed us to run SVN central repository without any problems. Other reasons to use it could be TortoiseSVN for windows user. SVN just works, and central repository and work flow is quite easy to fit in ones mind, there is a repository, you checkout, you work, you see what you have changed so far, you commit, and you update changes done by others. There are tags and branches, but they are nothing for folders for SVN. The weak portion of SVN is merge, basic merge offered by SVN is doable if you keep track of merge revisions numbers in revision logs, this, tho tedious is usually manageable. I was pretty happy with the setup, bugzilla integration worked just fine, tho I am yet to publish my SVN-Bugzilla integration script that works on Dreamhost thanks to endless procrastination. Soon I will. Promise. :-)

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