HLStats 1.38

Kommentieren Aug 04 2008 .txt, .json, .md

The new HLStats release 1.38 is available.

Download and more information can be found here.

1.38 (2008-08-04) ) New: table prefix. The installer can configure your table prefix. (default is hlstats_) If you don’t want to use the installer read the docs first ( Feature request: 1901188) ) Changed: The installer saves the daemon conf (hlstats.conf) now into the installer folder, since the daemon can be seperate from the hlstats.php ) Changed: The /set commands are now /hls_set and /hls_hideranking ) Updated: Improved TF2 gamesupport file ) Updated: Impreoved help page ) Updated: Installation and other documentation files ) Fixed: TF2 team codes were wrong. (Bug: 1962361) ) Fixed: Advanced server view was not saving the data (Bug: 1966096) ) Fixed: File permission check in installer ) Fixed: Player actions fix for tfc