Portage File List - Under New Management

Kommentieren Jul 26 2023 .txt, .json, .md

Portage File List (PFL) has a new home and maintainer.

After 20 years tuxmainy asked for a new maintainer of the website and github repos. PFL looking for new owner With a fresh coat of paint and some rewrites, Banana convinced the owner to take over.

Functionality will be the same and the transition should be smoothly. No update or other changes are required. As of 2023/07/07 the domaintransfer has been started. So expect some hiccups until all the DNS and SSL infos are up to date.

Any feedback can be done as an e-mail: bugs@portagefilelist.de, a github issue or as a gentoo chat topic in the forum.

Historical data will come on the next couple of days/weeks.

Discussion continues in PFL looking for new owner