UTF8 != UTF8

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Wer Probleme mit den Emojis in UTF-8 hat der sollte sich mal seine DB anschauen in der die Daten abgelegt werden. In diesem Fall ist es MySQL und MariaDB


Another thing to watch out for is MySQL if you are using it to store the utf8. The ‘utf8’ encoding is only 3 bytes. It truncates a string silently starting at the first 4 byte character. Most (all?) emoji are 4 bytes. You’ll need to use ‘utf8mb4’ encoding.

Und was macht MySQL und MariaDB? Ne, nicht den Standart einhalten, Einfach noch ein Charset einführen… https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/unicode/

utf8mb4 – Same as utf8, but stores supplementary characters in four bytes.

utf8 – UTF-8 encoding using one to three bytes per character. Basic Latin letters, numbers and punctuation use one byte. European and Middle East letters mostly fit into 2 bytes. Korean, Chinese, and Japanese ideographs use 3-bytes. No supplementary characters are stored.