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Wie es sich wohl anfühlt wenn man inmitten einem Feuerwerk steht ?

Being able to stand inside a Firework display is an experiance i will not forget, at times it’s abit like being in a barrel while your mate bangs it with a stick and waves a torch in your face but seeing a lit rocket going of just 6ft from your face is pretty epic. Speaking of Epic we should thank for the fire works. The suit was being made as the X-Men videos were going mental and they contacted me of the back of that saying “we love what you do we want to do some cool stuff with fireworks” this could not have been timed better as we proberly chucked £500 worth of fireworks at me and as you may know i’m tight so £50 worth would not have looked quite so good. Vistit there site here or click the picture below and buy stuff as the more they get out of this the more i’ll get to play with and thats only a good thing right….