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Kommentieren Jul 13 2013


Dutch scientists say their revolutionary concrete can cut urban air pollution by 45 percent

Eindhoven University of Technology scientists have installed air-purifying cement onto a city block in Hengelo, Netherlands, and published the results, which found that it reduced nitrogen oxide air pollution up to 45 percent in ideal weather conditions. This is an average reduction of 19 percent each day.

A roof covered with solar reflective white paint reflects up to 90 percent of sunlight as opposed to the 20 percent reflected by a traditional black roof.

By simply coating a rooftop with this special white paint, the speaker informed us, we could immediately reduce temperatures inside and out. A simple paint job was a low cost solution to cut carbon emissions, reduce our risk of brownouts, save millions in energy costs, and even save lives.

Bye-Bye, Blacktop—Why White Streets Will Chill Our Boiling Cities

Researchers in California have engineered a reflective coating that, when applied to blacktop, can lower the surface temperature of a city boulevard or a parking lot by a whopping 40 degrees Fahrenheit on a sweltering summer day.

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