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In good old times when software size was measured in kilobytes and each byte was quite expensive dynamic allocation was very rare. Whatever could be static, was static. Whatever couldn’t be, was most likely pooled in a specific region and there was a preset number of “things” the program could handle. That means your lives counter or some other important value was most likely always at the exact same address every time. That’s not the case anymore unfortunately. Almost everything needs to handle an arbitrary number of “things” these days and that means dynamic allocation.

My First 5 Minutes On A Server; Or, Essential Security for Linux Servers

Server security doesn’t need to be complicated. My security philosophy is simple: adopt principles that will protect you from the most frequent attack vectors, while keeping administration efficient enough that you won’t develop “security cruft”. If you use your first 5 minutes on a server wisely, I believe you can do that.

Git is a purely functional data structure

I think we should instead talk about Git in terms of what it really is: A purely functional data structure. Learning to expertly use Git means learning how to manipulate that data structure.