My grandfather is a chimney

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A: Since Mac OS X, this operating system is linux based.

B: No, here you can find the refence to mac os x’s kernel:

A: “unix-based”, there you have it

B: unix != linux

A: come on man… dont be so ultra exactly, linux is part of unix family

B: exactly.

based on the assumptions:

  • mac os x is based on unix
  • linux is based on unix

the statement:

  • mac os x is based on linux

is wrong, because is a wrong sillogism.


  • chimneys smoke
  • my grandfather smokes

=> my grandfather is a chimney.

so, if you say that Mac OS X is unix-based, it’s correct, if you say that is linux-based, it’s wrong.

Damit wäre dies auch mal geklärt.