HLStats 1.61

Kommentieren Mar 08 2011



Forum topic

\*) New: New css style blue.css

\*) New: favicon.ico now available ;-)

\*) New: Admintool added to clear old signatures ( older then one day )

\*) New: Opposing Force CTF/DM role models added

\*) New: Admin host stats available again

\*) Changed: New Bug Tracker. Now FlySpray

\*) Changed: Mysql escape function on PHP now mysql_real_escape_string

\*) Changed: cleaner mysql query strings

\*) Changed: Opposing Force gamesupport files merged. To upgrade an existing installation import the gamesupport file manually to the database ( thx to h3erbert )

\*) Changed: Cleaner gamesupport sql files

\*) Fixed: Ticket #28

\*) Fixed: Improved Opposing Force gamesupport ( thx to h3rbert )

\*) Fixed: Weapon mix up now in oposing force now fixed ( thx to h3rbert )

\*) Fixed: FS#33 Old Chart images were not removed.

Thx for all the help and feedback