HLStats 1.61 test release

Kommentieren Mar 04 2011 .txt, .json, .md

Well, it is done.

HLStats 1.61 is read for testing.

Download can be found at github as .tar.gz and .zip file.

Feedback can be posted here.

Here is also the ChangeLog:

*) New: Russian translation by E][tremist
*) New: New css style blue.css
*) New: favicon.ico now  available ;-)
*) New: Admintool added to clear old signatures ( older then one day )
*) New: Opposing Force CTF/DM role models added
*) New: Admin host stats available again
*) Changed: New Bug Tracker. Now FlySpray
*) Changed: Mysql escape function on PHP now mysql_real_escape_string
*) Changed: cleaner mysql query strings
*) Changed: Opposing Force gamesupport files merged. To upgrade an existing
               installation import the gamesupport file manually to the database
               ( thx to h3erbert )
*) Changed: Cleaner gamesupport sql files
*) Fixed: Ticket #28
*) Fixed: Improved Opposing Force gamesupport ( thx to h3rbert )
*) Fixed: Weapon mix up now in oposing force now fixed ( thx to h3rbert )
*) Fixed: FS#33 Old Chart images were not removed.

Thx for your support. The HLStats team !

Here you can view also a live demo of the latest version.