Operation Faceoff

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“Operation Black Face” is an event scheduled on 18th December 2010. People around the internet would display a black profile pic across the major social networking websites to protest against the state’s hostility against whistle blowers (Wikileaks and Julian Assange). It would also see a number of people around the globe wearing black clothes or tying black badges on arms. The very same day supporters of life, liberty, freedom and transparency would write a common e-mail to UK Supreme Court (enquiries@supremecourt.gsi.gov.uk ) as a symbolic message from the well meaning citizens across the globe, pleading what the highest court could do to set a precedent for the generations to come that would protect whistle-blowers and free media. This message would demonstrate the strength of the silent majority which today, is in favor of Julian & friends and against the governments in front of governments across the globe. This message would also suggest the governments that the citizens have digested and accepted the bitter truth as it came to them, now it is turn of state to have a face-off with the truth and respect those who helped bringing it out or else the majority would overrule them someday.

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