Mootools, und zwar viel davon

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Wer gerene mit Mootools arbeitet, so wie ich, der wir in den 2 Beiträgen sicherlich was tolles finden:

10 MooTools Image and Content Sliders

With CSS3 stealing all of the design headlines recently, and with jQuery as popular as it is, it is very easy to forget about any other image and content slider/gallery options you may have. And as such, in this post, we take a look at the best of what MooTools can offer. As you will see, the results are pretty impressive.

50 of the Best Ever MooTools Plugins and Tutorials

I hope no one has forgotten about MooTools as jQuery seems to be taking over the world. Yes, jQuery is by far and away the more popular Javascript Framework, but is it better than MooTools? They both offer the same functionality and they can both be dropped into any website with relative ease. I suppose it just comes down to preference. Below you will find a selection of 50 of the Best Ever MooTools Plugins and Tutorials.