10 weitere Gründe gegen Facebook

Kommentieren May 05 2010 .txt, .json, .md

Es gibt unzählige Gründe warum man Facebook nicht verwenden sollte.

Hier sind mal 10 davon, und das sind nicht immer nur die technischen:

After some reflection, I’ve decided to delete my account on Facebook. I’d like to encourage you to do the same. This is part altruism and part selfish. The altruism part is that I think Facebook, as a company, is unethical. The selfish part is that I’d like my own social network to migrate away from Facebook so that I’m not missing anything. In any event, here’s my “Top Ten” reasons for why you should join me and many others and delete your account.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook

Wer also immer noch dabei ist, bitte hier klicken