Komplexität in Web Anwendungen reduzieren

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Funktionalität ist toll und noch besser wenn sie auch funktioniert.

Aber was ist wenn man vor lauter Features die Übersicht verliert ? Jep, dann bringt es auch nichts wenn alles so tolle ist und auch ohne Fehler funktioniert.

Clean. Easy to use. User-friendly. Intuitive. This mantra is proclaimed by many but often gets lost in translation. The culprit: complexity. How one deals with complexity can make or break an application. A complex interface can disorient the user in a mild case and completely alienate them in an extreme case. But if you take measures first to reduce actual complexity and then to minimize perceived complexity, the user will be rewarded with a gratifying experience.

We recently faced this very challenge while designing two Web-based applications, including an enterprise-level content management system. What follows are several techniques that have helped us streamline complex applications into lightweight user experiences.

>> Minimizing Complexity In User Interfaces

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