Tabelle mit Javascript verbessern

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Tabelle an sich können ja nicht viel… Ok die Daten tabellarisch darstellen. Aber was noch ?

Dazu braucht man Javascript.

Hier kommt nun eine Liste mit Beispielen wie man seine schlichte HTML Tabelle aufpeppen kann.

Table is an excellent way of presenting information, especially when a company wants to cite various prices for its services or products. For instance, some websites require users to sign up different levels of membership in order to access certain exclusive contents. They can present to users the distinct features that each level has to offer in a table-like format. Depending on the content, tables can be good for arranging many other kinds of data for deeper clarity other than pricing.

Creating a table is easy, but organizing data in an easy-to-understand tabular format together with an appealing layout is often challenging. Most of us have came across numerous tables on the net, and some of these can be rather plain-looking ones with no or minimal design whatsoever. However, we are about to show you that tables need not be such uninteresting and boring visual communication. It can be uniquely designed to suit your web content and stand out from the vast array of tables from websites all over the world. Also, we’ve put together a list of useful scripts to help you get the best of of table display.

HTML Table Building: 30+ Beautiful Examples and Useful Javascripts

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