Ist Informatik eine Männerdomäne ?

Kommentieren Jul 07 2009



Mit Informatik meine ich alle Berufe die damit was anfangen können ;-)

Bisher denkt man ja immer geeks seien dicke, fette, ungepflegte Personen ohne Freunde. Das stimmt nicht immer.

Es gibt auch Frauen. Ja auch ungepflegte…

So nun zu dem totalen Gegenteil: Leah Culver

Leah Culver was a co-founder and the lead developer of the social network and micro-blogging website Pownce, which was acquired by blog juggernaut Six Apart in November 2008. Now a software engineer at Six Apart, Leah uses her experience with Pownce to develop large scale social applications for future Six Apart projects. While creating the Pownce API she co-authored both the OAuth and OEmbed open API specifications and now maintains the popular Python OAuth library. Leah promotes open source, APIs, and the Django web framework on her blog at In her free time she likes to play around with new technology and try new restaurants near her home in San Francisco.

So ab ans Tageslicht mit euch.