HLStats 1.50 release

Kommentieren Jun 18 2009


HLStats 1.50 finally released.\

Here is a small snaptshot of the changelog:\

1.50 (18-06-2009)

*) New: EloRating system. Can be activated and used sperate it along with the existing (thx to HampusW)

*) New: EloRatung system: Level of verbose output can now be configured in hlstats conf

*) New: Beta gamesupport for L4D

*) New: Beta support for Zombie Panic

*) New: IngamePoints option in hlstats.conf allows to de/active the skill report at kill/frag (thx to  Schlesie)

*) New: At server configuration you can enter the default map. This map is used

      if HLStats is unable to determine the map.

complete changelog
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