Flex für Linux und das Problem von Adobe

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Hmm habe mich eigentlich schon gefraut auf Flex und Linux.

Aber nun ?

Over the last few years, Adobe has taken a number of steps to entice a broad range of enterprise developers to use the Flex development platform, including major moves toward openness around the platform with the Open Screen project and the open sourcing of the Flex SDK and Blaze Data Services project. With all Adobe’s extra work to court open source minded developers, it is surprising to hear the rumblings this week about the end of Flex Builder Linux.

Flex Builder for Linux Dead?

Nun ich würde sagen Abobe bekommt da vielleicht ein Problem:

It’s funny, if you read some of the blog commentary on this, how many Flex developers are defending Adobe’s decision to abandon further development of Flex Builder for Linux, saying (like corporate apologists) there simply isn’t enough demand for Flex on Linux to justify the necessary allocation of funds.

I have no doubt whatsoever that a straight bean-counting analysis of the situation will show that the short-term ROI on Flex-for-Linux is indeed poor, and that from a quarterly-earning point of view it’s not the right way to satisfy shareholder interests. Agreed, point conceded.

But that’s called being shortsighted. The Linux community may be only a small percentage of the OS market, but in terms of mindshare, the Linux developer community is a constituency of disproportionate influence and importance. Also, as a gesture of seriousness about Open Source, the importance of supporting Flex tools on Linux is hard to overestimate.

Adobe’s Linux Problem

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