Release: HLStats 1.40

Kommentieren Nov 11 2008


The HLStats team is proud to present a new HLStats release.\

HLStats 1.40\

This is a big step with a log of new features.\

Here is just a small part of the changelog:\

 New: Gamesupport for Half Life 2 CTF

 New: Flash charts provided by amcharts

 New: Reset statistics for specific player

 New: Player online statistics per day (flash) (default is deactivated)

 New: Player kills per day (flash) (default is deactivated)

 New: Most time online statistics (flash) (default is deactivated)

 New: Say /hls_skill is now included

 New: historical awards in the Delete Days period (Feature Request: 1872588)

 New: xml interface for retrieving some information (default is deactivated)

 New: Signature gererator (sig.php) ( See documentation for more details )

 New: Players view can be now seperated by server (Feature Request: 451340)

 New: Possibility to log all say messages. Option LogChat in hlstats.conf (default 0) (Feature Request: 2073578,2224660)

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