Was macht den Google noch so alles ?

Kommentieren Jul 08 2008 .txt, .json, .md

Jemals darüber nachgedacht was Google den noch so machen könnte aus eine Suchmaschine sein ?

Hier ist ein Artikel der dies ein wenig beleuchtet.

Google is doing WHAT? With a skyrocketing stock price, fanboy hysteria and – most importantly – really useful products, Google Inc. is the prima donna of tech for the new millennium.

The company is so active that it’s hard to keep track of everything it does. And, just when you get a good handle on its litany of Web applications, promising lab innovations and unheralded research projects, it seems to turn on a dime – a difficult move for a $167 billion company with 19,000 employees – and invent something new. Who would have thought a search site company would get involved in laying a fiber-optic undersea cable between the U.S. and Japan?

weiter geht es hier.

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