Insipid 2.1alpha

Second non porductive public alpha release of the complete rewrite

Kommentieren Sep 29 2019 .txt, .json, .md

A new version (still alpha) is ready.

version 2.1alpha - Guardian of Fire - (2019-09-29)
* cleanups
* edit area for a bookmark
* documentation and sql setup cleanup
* new design with bulma.css (
* added SEO information to "prevent" crawling and a robots.txt file
* new option to restrict access via http basic auth.
* very simple user authentication based on http basic auth.
	Needs improvement in further releases
* using mysql transactions
* working with new MySQL (5.7) version
* Image from parsed link info can now be stored

Download it here: 2.1alpha - Guardian of Fire - (2019-09-29)

Please do not use this in production (Only if you know what you are doing).

More information about Insipid can be found here.