Neuer offener Video-Codec in Sicht.

Kommentieren Sep 12 2012


Es ist immer wahrscheinlicher, dass es endlich einen Codec geben wird, den alle Browser unterst├╝tzten und auch noch Patentfrei ist.

IETF standardizes the Opus audio codec as RFC 6716 - Opus reference implementation 1.0.1 released

Opus was developed and tested in a public, fully transparent process within the IETF, proof that open collaboration can produce a better audio codec than proprietary, secretive, patent-encumbered systems. Open standards benefit– and benefit from– open source organizations and traditional commercial software companies alike. Opus itself is the result of a collaboration including Broadcom, Google, the IETF, Microsoft (through Skype), Mozilla, Octasic and Xiph.Org.